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Lone Tree at Hopes Nose


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Polaroid Art

Alternative Polaroid photography by Kieran McPeake


Fully carbon neutral art & photo printing using C Type Fuji Matt paper.

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Where timeless beauty meets artistic vision

Unveil the breathtaking allure of the Devon coastline through the lens of a vintage Polaroid SX70 camera. I’m Kieran McPeake, a passionate graphic designer and photographer, and I’m thrilled to present my collection of captivating photographic prints. Located amidst the stunning landscapes of Devon, I’m embarked on a journey to freeze moments in time, creating art that echoes the serene, rugged, and fragile beauty of the coastline.

Discover a unique process

What sets my prints apart is the meticulous process behind each image. Using the vintage Polaroid SX70 camera, I capture the essence of nature with an artistic twist. But that’s just the beginning. Some of my images undergo a creative metamorphosis through an innovative manipulation technique. By delicately soaking them in liquid, I transcend the realm of traditional photography, resulting in ethereal and dreamlike visuals that stir the imagination.

Emulsion lifts: Elevating photography to art

In my pursuit of pushing artistic boundaries, I also offer exquisite emulsion lifts. This technique involves separating the emulsion layer from the photograph’s base and transferring it onto specialized paper. The result is an enchanting blend of photography and tactile artistry. Each emulsion lift carries a unique texture and depth that transforms a mere image into a multisensory masterpiece.

Cyanotype: Where classic meets contemporary

Experience the allure of Cyanotype prints – a marriage of classic and contemporary processes. Using sunlight to expose the image on specially treated paper, I craft Cyanotype prints that exude a mesmerizing Prussian blue hue. These prints not only encapsulate the beauty of nature but also pay homage to the rich history of photography. It’s a true convergence of time, style, and innovation.

Bringing the coastline home

The essence of the Devon coastline can now grace your living spaces. Whether you’re seeking to add a touch of tranquility to your home or longing to reconnect with the soothing embrace of nature, my photographic prints are the perfect choice. Each print tells a story, capturing a fleeting moment of serenity that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Explore the collection

Take a moment to peruse my diverse collection of photographic prints. From the subtle play of light on tranquil waters to the dramatic interplay of cliffs and tides, each image carries a part of my heart and the essence of the coastline. With every print you choose, you’re not just acquiring art – you’re preserving a piece of nature’s grandeur.

Own a piece of coastal beauty

Indulge your senses and adorn your spaces with the timeless allure of the Devon coastline. Browse through my gallery, explore the manipulation-soaked wonders, the exquisite emulsion lifts, and the captivating Cyanotype prints. Let me bring the serene beauty of nature to your world.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find a piece of art that resonates with your soul.